Horizontal Test Firing at Yuma Proving Ground

The Green Launch Team completed another series of successful shots at Yuma Proving Ground (YPG) during June and July.  Each shot involved different parameters of gas charge pressures, release peak pressures, vehicle weight, and resulting velocities.  Peak velocity achieved was approximately 1.6 km/sec (Mach 4.7).  This photo shows a plastic slug impact with a 5-gallon water bottle.


Presentation at New Space Conference

Green Launch was accepted to make a presentation at this event in Seattle, WA held on July 16 to 18. We were pleased to be included among a select “new space” group of developing revolutionary space launch concepts.

Presentation at Icarus Interstellar Conference

Green Launch is on the agenda to make a presentation at this event in San Diego, CA held on September 13 to 15.

Velocity Improvements

We are considering various options to improve the performance of the launch tube:  boring out the chamber to increase gas volume, tube extension which would also increase velocity, use of other tubes with larger diameters.