Horizontal Test Firing at Yuma Proving Ground

The Green Launch Team completed another series of successful shots at Yuma Proving Ground (YPG) on July 14 and 15. Braving the summer heat were John Hunter, Eric Robinson, Rob Fryer, and Ray Tinker. Each shot involved different parameters of gas charge pressures, release peak pressures, resulting velocities, and for the first time with a “pointy” projectile vehicle capable of containing a payload. We confirmed that the sabot and fins on the projectile were sufficiently rugged to withstand kinetic launch. The “flight mass” total of burst disc, sabot, and projectile was accelerated to a peak velocity of approximately 1.57 km/sec. High-speed camera footage is posted to the website on the “VIDEO” tab.

The next series of test shots at YPG are planned for September and will be vertical up to an expected altitude of 50 km.

Green Launch is starting discussions with a major US space/defense contractor to determine if we can support some of their launch requirements.