Kickstarter Campaign

We believe that the elements of the campaign materials and video make a good case for the Green Launch development and test plan. Unfortunately, it looks like the online pledges will fall short of the goal of $95,000. However, our horizontal test development will move forward with the money we have on hand (see below).

Yuma Proving Ground (YPG) Test Contract

The U.S. Army has incorporated our Green Launch plan of test activities into a formal contract. Don Whitney signed the contract for Green Launch and the YPG Test Directorate has also signed. Now we can proceed with using YPG equipment and manpower as required.

Yuma Test Preparation

John Hunter made another trip to YPG starting April 17 to coordinate several preparation aspects:
• Gun tube (7” x 55’) has been moved from the “bone yard” to an inspection / work area
• Gun tube interior cleaned and visually inspected for imperfections (none found)
• Breech block separated and moved to San Diego for modifications for gas connections

Interest from Supporters and Investors

A testament to the potential of the Green Launch concept is continuing contacts and inquiries we receive through our website.
• Technical questions and suggestions about Green Launch
• Offers to invest in Green Launch (none accepted at this point)
• Inquiry from a major defense contract about horizontal research firing

Green Launch on The Space Show
John Hunter was interviewed by Dr. Livingston on the radio / online show and took questions from the public about Green Launch.


Horizontal Test Preparation
John Hunter is continuing to plan for a series of 15 test shots this summer at YPG
• Design of test plan with gradually increasing chamber pressures
• Sourcing light gas mixtures, storage tanking, and pricing from suppliers
• Sourcing gas piping, fittings, and controllers from suppliers
• Layout of test components and target area at the YPG range
• Test operating procedures and safety protocols