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First Light-Gas Vertical Launch Dec 21 2021, Multiple Views

Explaining the Green Launch Technology

Horizontal Launch July 14 2021, View Downrange – Vehicle outruns frangible sabot, impacts target


Green Launch is dedicated to dramatically improving the cost and availability of orbital launch service using ground based “impulse launchers” to replace a traditional rocket’s first stage.  Our mission is to scale up technology that has been used by NASA and the Air Force in testing facilities for more than half a century.

The greatest transportation demand in our spacefaring future will likely be freight of all sizes, not people. This means that a significant number of potential payloads being lifted into low earth orbit will be acceleration-tolerant payloads in the cube-sat class and smaller. Green Launch is positioning to be a leader in launching these payloads with great flexibility of launch azimuth, schedule, and at the lowest possible cost.

In the near-term, we will also provide on-demand sub-orbital services for hyper-sonic testing, atmospheric research, etc. Such customers are more sensitive to timing and risk than to price, and our ability to launch individual payloads with minimal lead time makes us an attractive option.

Thank you for seeking us out, and welcome to Green Launch!


Our Motivation

(1) Space access costs are currently very high and will still be significant with launch vehicle reuse

(2) Lower cost launch will greatly improve the options for all space applications including experimentation, earth observation, and orbital refueling for the moon and deep space missions

(3) Hydrogen impulse launch will allow for rapid deployment of small satellites and will minimize the emission of undesireable exhaust components.

Green Launch is Environmentally Friendly

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