Presentation at Mars Society Annual Convention

The Green Launch (GL) core team (John Hunter, Eric Robinson, Rob Fryer, and Don Whitney all attended this held at University of California, Irvine on September    We presented the overview concept and received many questions from the interested group of space enthusiasts. The featured guest speaker at the convention was Anousa Ansaria who described her journey to becoming the first civilian to reach the International Space Station.

Preliminary Patent Applications Submitted

There are several aspects of the Green Launch system which we belief are novel and patentable.  Therefore, John Hunter has written these up and submitted them to the US Patent Office for approval.


Pneumatic Components Assembly

This work is under way in San Diego.  A convenient location has been confirmed for assembly and testing of the pneumatic manifolds to deliver the various gases to the launch tube.  Each manifold will consist of valves gauges and connects mounted on a panel to allow for easy transportability and assembly.