Yuma Test Preparations
John Hunter and Don Whitney made another 3-day trip to YPG starting May 1 to coordinate several aspects of preparation for a series of horizontal test shots this summer:
• Meeting with YPG staff to discuss our test plans and schedule
• Tour and measurements of EM Building for optimum location of gun, target area, gas cylinders, and connection to control bunker
• Review of draft SOP /checklists for gun operation
• Refinements of pneumatic components and fail-safe operations

Green Launch Logo and Sales Mark
We have submitted the online application to register the logo and stylized format of Green Launch with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Pneumatic Components Order Finalization
John Hunter has refined and optimized the tubing and fittings to control the gas loading of the gun and safe firing. Firm order was placed on June 2 for the major components.


Green Launch on TV
John Hunter and Eric Robinson have been tentatively invited to appear on a national television show. This will be a great opportunity to publicize Green Launch and increase awareness of our activities.

Preliminary Patent Application in Progress
There are several aspects of the Green Launch system which we belief are novel and patentable. Therefore, we are in the process of preparing an application.